Why MBA?

We will show you how to trade Technical Analysis the right way in the most simplified format no matter if the market is going up or the market is heading down we have been profitable through the Bull market but more importantly through the Bear market with our trading style. With years of experience in the financial markets, we found that there was so much information out there that wasn’t needed in order to be able to make consistently profitable returns from trading. We really wanted to bring our students a simple, easy and effective course that even someone with zero experience trading could accomplish and learn to eventually work their way up to being a full-time trader.

  • We'll teach you to become an effective trader

  • We'll show you how to find the best entries and exits in the financial market

  • We'll show you proper risk management to ensure the safety of your capital

  • We'll teach you the importance of Trader Psychology & to control emotions

  • We will teach you how to protect your account with proper security

  • We will show you the importance of being able to short the market as well as long the market

Work Smarter Not Harder

  • Self Paced Courses

    Work at your own pace to review and master each lesson with over 100+hours of video and content available to further your crypto trading skills.

  • Group Training Courses

    Enrol in the Spartan 300 Mentorship course and be surrounded with like minded crypto traders to advance your skills to the next level faster.

  • 1 on 1 Training

    For a more personal learning style enquire about our 1 on 1 services, to further advance your crypto trading knowledge.


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