Ongoing Technical Analysis & Psychology Training

  • Community Support

    Discord and Facebook group for community support

  • Technical Analysis

    Weekly Live TA sessions with personal feedback on student submissions.

  • Margin Trading

    Live sessions on margin trading each week while looking for live trade opportunities

Why School of Sparta?

  • We will teach you how to be an effective trader while learning the importance of risk management when trading on margin

  • We will show you how to find the best entries and exits in the market helping you decide whether to go long or short the market

  • We will give personal feedback on your own Technical Analysis to make sure you are on the right track to be a successful trader

  • We will teach the benefits of proper Mindset and Psychology for trading

  • Technical Analysis Monday with Donny - Live TA

  • Private Discord channel with over 100+ traders to help answer questions

  • Mindset coaching to help with trading and every day life

  • We have an existing 100+ hours of recorded content to get you up to pace.

  • TA

Course Curriculum